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Pest Elimination In Health Care Facilities

The sensitivities of the health care environment require a pest elimination professional who understands and can work with these special needs.

Adrian Hale Pest Control is committed to the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach in health care facilities because we feel visitors, employees, patients and residents have the right to enter, work or live in a pest-free environment, free from worries that materials placed in that environment might harm them. The key features of Adrian Hale Pest Control's specialized service are listed below.

Key Features of Adrian Hale Pest Control's Program

  •  Emphasis on Patient/Resident Safety
Where possible, Adrian Hale Pest Control uses the most effective non-chemical methods possible to solve a pest problem.
  •  Total Quality Management (TQM) and Partnering
 Adrian Hale Pest Control makes a teamwork program effective through in-house training for your staff and facilitating active communication.
  •  Pre-planned Communication
Scheduled meetings with Adrian Hale Pest Control's management team for you and your staff forge the kind partnership needed for success.
  •  Treatment to Sensitive Areas on an As-Needed Basis
 Areas like ICU, CCU or labs rarely require treatment or inspection unless you request it.
  •  Toughest Specifications in the Industry
 They exceed state and federal regulations.
  •  Highly Skilled and Uniformed Technicians
 Adrian Hale Pest Control's service technicians are continually trained to ensure that they are highly skilled in the latest IPM practices.
  • Focus on Long-Term Solutions
 Our IPM practices identify and eliminate pest accesses before an infestation occurs. This allows for a more permanent pest control solution without repeated pesticide applications.
  •  Minimal Disruption
 Your assigned technician will know the needs and routines of your facility, requiring little, if any, of your valuable time. Our IPM strategy allows treatment with minimal disturbance in rooms where patients/residents are present.


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