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Why do you need to consider an environmentally responsible program for your educational facility?

Besides the welfare of your students, there are two reasons:

  1. New Regulations: States are beginning to regulate pest control in schools because they want to control pests while protecting students from unnecessary exposure to pesticides.
  2. Parental/School Board Pressure: Parental concerns pressure local school boards to think about the "pest control problem" from a reduced-pesticide approach.

How can Adrian Hale Pest Control benefit you?

We're committed to the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach in the school environment because we feel the public, employees and children have the right to enter and learn in a pest-free environment, free from worries that materials placed in that environment might harm them. The key features of Adrian Hale Pest Control specialized service are listed below, or you may wish to see the case study.

Key Features of  Adrian Hale Pest Control Program

  •  Stringent Specifications for Employing IPM in Schools
Our specifications for IPM exceed state and federal regulations. Adrian Hale Pest Control believes that an IPM program is effective only when a team effort with school staff is established to closely monitor and manage the school's environment.
  •  Environmentally Responsible Materials
 Adrian Hale Pest Control prefers to use the most effective non-chemical methods possible to solve or prevent pest problems. If pesticides are required, the least toxic and most environmentally responsible chemical means are selected to solve the problem. These pesticides are placed specifically to the problem area to reduce human exposure.
  •  Less Pesticide Use
 We use thorough inspections to identify pest, sanitation and structural problems, and provide recommendations to correct them. When an infestation is present, we turn to the most effective non-chemical methods possible to solve the problem. We utilize non-chemical monitors to identify pest accesses and eliminate infestations before they occur.
  •  Communication
Adrian Hale Pest Control provides thorough documentation of all services performed, conditions found, and recommendations. This serves as a permanent record of materials used, time applied, and documenting the fact that the least toxic methods of pest control are being performed in your facility.

We willingly support you in explaining our programs to school boards, parents or government agencies as needed.

Adrian Hale Pest Control Credentials

Adrian Hale Pest Control experience and interaction with regulatory agencies helped develop our expertise: 



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