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They are often called "pincher bugs"

There are 22 species of earwigs in the United States of which 12 are introduced species. Only 4 or 5 species are common pests.

The adult earwig is about 5/8 inches in length, and reddish brown in color.

They can be found in homes, plants, piles of debris, and under rocks.

If the population density is great enough some of them will be able to fly.

They will invade homes and are often carried in to the home in newspapers they have crawled into.

They are nocturnal and get their name from an old belief that they would enter the ears of sleeping people and bore into the brain.

They live in moist, shady areas such as under stones, logs or in mulch.

Adults will float in water for 24 hours.


Earwigs are omnivorous feeders and are very fond of plant food. They feed on a variety of plants and are considered minor pests of plants.

They also attack and devour other insect pests


Females will have 2 broods but commonly only have1 in North America

They lay 30 to 55 eggs in a brood.

The eggs hatch in about 70 days.

Earwigs go through two phases during growth, nesting and free foraging.

Most species over winter in the adult form.


Most infestations of earwigs can be controlled with the regular Pest-A-Way Barrier.


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