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Education Case Study

Tennessee has some of the toughest regulations in the country regarding pest management in schools. We know - we helped the Morristown school district in Tennessee develop its IPM specifications with these regulations in mind.

Case Study

This school district faced continuing pest problems despite switching among various local contractors. Pest sightings remained significant, and in the words of a school district official, "There were lots of call-backs and very little focus on prevention. We were spending more in the long run and the problems still weren't solved."

Adrian Hale Pest Control received the account because of our leading programs and philosophy toward treating schools through IPM, and our expertise gained by the number of schools we service county-wide. As the county official related, Adrian Hale Pest Control was selected because the school county wanted:

  • A first-class company
  • A company with a record of success
  • One that was able to respond quickly
  • A company with known experience in school accounts
  • Experience and success with large jobs in large county's

We worked with the county to formulate an IPM policy that would:

  • elevate the program into a "standard procedure" for all schools within the county, and
  • place the county in a leadership role for other schools and county's which did not yet make the shift to IPM.

The results? Successful eradication of massive pest problems and an environment that remains pest-free today.

Many schools are unaware of the strict regulations passed by our Tennessee Law Makers. That's why it's our job to ensure that your school's IPM program is in complete compliance - AND keeps you pest-free.


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