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The American cockroach is called the Bombay Canary in England.

This is the largest of the house infesting roaches, and the most common roach on ships.

This is also the most common roach found in city sewer systems

Reddish brown in color, it may grow to a length of 1 1/2 inches.

Both males and females can fly, though they seldom do. Males have longer wings.

They prefer temperatures above 70 degrees and will die in temperatures below 15 degrees.

They have been found in snow under smoldering refuse.

It is commonly called a palmetto bug, and is found mostly in larger commercial buildings, in food storage areas and basements.

They are born with a desire for fermenting liquid.

A Los Angeles bar manager relates an interesting account of finding hundreds of dead roaches crammed in half empty beer bottles that had been discarded in his cellar.

They can live 2-3 months without food and 1 month without water.

They feed on decaying organic matter, and will eat starch materials.


It often glues its egg capsules to walls or other surfaces.

Egg capsules have been found covered by paint and other workable materials effectively hiding the capsule from predators, parasites, and pest technicians.

A female may produce from 6 to 14 egg cases.

A full compliment of eggs per case is 16.

The egg takes 38 to 49 days to develop.

The American cockroach molts approximately 13 times before reaching maturity.


These roaches carry many types of diseases including salmonella, staph, and strep.

Sailors on infested ships have been known to wear gloves on their hands while asleep to keep the hordes of roaches from gnawing off their fingernails.


The regular Pest-A-Way Barrier will control most infestations of American cockroaches on the exterior, however, if interior infestations are a problem the technician will treat the interior as well. In addition, the  technician will advise the customer on ways to help eliminate harborage points that may be contributors to the problem


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